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Superyachts of all sizes can produce a lot of rubbish/garbage, this is strictly managed when at sea. However when in port, regulation asks for Marinas and Shipyards to provide 'Adequate Reception Facilities'.

This rather loose term allows for some marinas to provide reception facilities that do not provide credible recycling bins or stations.

To make matters worse, the contracts that marinas have with their municipal supplier are not always transparent and sometimes can lead to recycling being taken to landfill. Or burned illegally.

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The Clean Superyacht Marina Campaign has been set up to investigate current facilities in world wide Superyacht marinas and to hopefully start a conversation with marina operators to improve the current facilities and contracts. 

During his day job running Superyacht Rubbish, founder of the campaign, David Gates has spoken to hundreds of operational crew. Feedback from the crew has proven to be the same, again and again! 

Complaints stem around 3 main issues:

> The marina does not have recycling bins/facilities.

> If the marina has recycling facilities, sometimes one lorry comes and mixes up the recycling. Leaving many crews wondering why they bother to sort in the first place!

> Marina waste management contracts tend to be private. Hence no one knows where and how their waste is being processed.

In addition to recycling and general waste management, we will also be looking at black/grey water facilities and shore power power generation.


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